How to support the Coalition

US$ 1,400 per household


This is the approximate cost to graduate a household is out of extreme poverty into sustainable self-reliance. Interested donors may contact the secretariat directly for opportunities in the 35 countries that the Coalition is targeting. Alleviating the poverty of 1,000 households has a financing need of approx. US$ 1.4 million.  A CGAP study shows, it is highly cost effective as there is a clear end date to the program.

Pledge at the Global Refugee Forum 2019


The Global Refugee Forum 2019 (GRF) presents a unique opportunity to pledge support to the Coalition, as self-reliance and easing pressure on host countries are among the four objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees. The Forum provides excellent visibility for pledging donors. For guidance on pledging or co-sponsorship, contact the UNHCR or the Coalition Secretariat