India has ratified the majority of the international human rights instruments, however India is not a signatory to the 1951 refugee convention. India provides support to a majority of refugees, mostly from Tibet and Sri Lanka numbering around 170,000. Article 21 of the constitution offers protection and liberty to all persons in India including PoCs with all PoCs having access to the judicial system as well as health and education services. In India, refugees mostly live in urban settings and have made steps towards integration. PoCs work mainly in the informal sector similar to 93% of nationals as PoCs cannot obtain formal employment- making employment opportunities extremely competitive. Furthermore, legal documentation prohibits many PoCs from accessing employment. PoCs spend 70-80% of their income on food and shelter with Rohingya PoCs being the poorest. Afghan PoCs have more skills as well as access to capital. One o the coping mechanisms refugees use to improve their livelihoods is child labour as well as living in dire conditions to save money on rent. Only PoCs with a long term visa can access financial services and obtaining a long term visa is only possible for PoCs living in Delhi as the relevant services are impossible to obtain outside of the region.  

Additionally, India constitutes 33% of the worlds extremely poor at 269.3 million individuals . With the world’s third largest economy, over the next years India is expected to grow 7% per annum (World Bank). India’s progress in economic and human development is one of the most significant global achievements. India hosts globally recognized companies in pharmaceuticals, steel land space technologies and is among the top 10 growing countries internationally (GFI). India’s strongest industries are the textile industry with 4.99% growth the past year, the IT industry at 3.78% growth, the metal industry at 0.76% growth, the automobile industry at .33% growth, the leather industry at 0.29% growth and the transport industry at 0.24% growth (GoI).

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